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10 Simple Ways to Energize Your Morning Routine

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10 Simple Ways to Energize Your Morning Routine

Do you feel jaded in the mornings? Plenty of people lack energy first thing and find making progress hard. These 10 simple suggestions will energize your morning routines, boost motivation, positivity, and zest for life.


Set a positive intention

Rather than go over worries while lying in bed, set a positive intention to carry into the day. Starting the morning with an uplifting aim will ramp up enthusiasm and stop unnecessary worrying. You might intend to greet everyone you meet with a smile, look for positives, or ignore naysayer’s advice. Make your intention constructive and doable, and it will improve your day.


Rise and shine with the birds

Getting up early in the morning has the potential to ramp up a good mood. Why? Because it gives you time to ease into the day and enjoy ‘me time’ before you spring into action. The early hours, before anyone is around, are peaceful and undemanding. You’ll look forward to them when you make early rising a habit.


Enjoy a refreshing shower

Showering soon after you get out of bed will kick-start your day, especially if you turn down the temperature. If you can bear it, switch the dial to cold for a minute at the end of your ablutions. Cold showers can reduce inflammation and depression and make you more alert. They will put a spring in your step and motivate you to be active.


Get moving

If it’s hard to get going in the morning, you need an easy, quick exercise routine to wake up your body and start moving. Qigong, used in Chinese medicine and acupuncture, is a terrific choice because it encourages energy flow. Movements are slow, so you need not worry if you hate intense workouts. You’ll find free Qigong classes on YouTube to follow. Once you’ve practiced a few times, you will remember them off by heart and can shift straight into them in the morning.


Catch the morning light

The morning light helps to keep your body clock in order. If you need more energy in the mornings, the chances are your circadian rhythm is out of whack and needs resetting. On sunny days, spend a few minutes outdoors to revitalize. Overcast daylight will work too, but you’ll need to spend longer in it. Take your breakfast outdoors if the weather’s fine and find other ways to get more natural light on darker days. Walk to work, or borrow a dog to take for a walk if you haven’t got one.


Create a priorities list

Don’t you love ticking completed items off your to-do lists? Most people get a feel-good boost when they complete planned activities. Create a priority list of chores to carry out, and enjoy seeing your obligations recede as you progress. As you accomplish goals, you’ll feel effective and buoyant.


Eat a wholesome breakfast

Maybe you’ve heard the term ‘you are what you eat?’ To an extent, the saying’s true. If you want to feel more energetic in the mornings, you need a healthy breakfast to provide you with fuel. Eat power breakfasts with protein and unprocessed ingredients rather than relying on fortified cereals or toast.


Dress for positivity

Provided you can choose what you wear to work, opt for confidence-boosting outfits. Note how clothing colors affect your mood and whether certain clothes make you feel terrific. Even if you work from home or don’t have a job, dress for positivity and your energy will grow.


Safeguard your happy zone

No matter how you plan to spend your mornings, there’s always the chance someone might scupper your goal to stay vital and happy. Safeguard your mornings by putting boundaries in place. You will still need to deal with emergencies, and ignoring your family if they want your attention won’t help. Generally, though, you can reschedule most unnecessary distractions and deal with them later when the pressure to engage in other activities lifts.


Listen to upbeat songs

Music can make you happy or lower a positive mood, so listen to upbeat songs or classical tunes that give you a feel-good buzz in the morning. Experiment and discover go-to music to propel you into the day and motivate you.

People sometimes hate mornings, but you need not join their malaise. Liven up and get moving early in the morning with a cool shower, daylight, boundaries, and energy-boosting exercise. Develop a positive mindset, too, and eat a vitality-increasing breakfast. Listen to uplifting music while you dress for positivity also, and you’ll overflow with energy.

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