7 Aerobic Exercises for Seniors

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15 Tips for Going Back-to-School
June 30, 2021

7 Aerobic Exercises for Seniors

7 Aerobic Exercises for Seniors | Redbit Style

Exercising can be a real pain, because age tends to come with joint and back problems, a greater likelihood of injury, and less endurance. Because of this, some seniors just stop exercising. However, those who keep exercising are much more likely to age well, with fewer injuries, less chronic disease, and less mental decline. Fortunately, there are several aerobic exercises for seniors that are easy, low impact, and ideal for seniors.

1. Speed Walking
Jogging can be problematic because it’s hard on the knees and demands a lot of endurance. Speed walking is an excellent substitute for it. It gets the heart rate up almost as well as jogging does, but it is nowhere near as exhausting.

2. Squats
Squats involve slow movements and little impact, so they are relatively easy on the joints, with the exception of the knees. Because you’re lifting your entire body weight repeatedly, you get your heart rate going pretty well. Squats can also improve flexibility and balance, so this exercise can make falls less likely in the future.

3. Stationary Cycling
Stationary cycling is especially easy on the joints, and it can really get the heart rate up there. It is an effective exercise for burning fat as well, and can strengthen your legs and lower back.

4. Dance
Seniors who don’t like aerobic exercises for seniors might find it easier to regularly go dancing. It’s a lot more fun, and it’s as effective as speed walking for cardio. It is also pretty easy on the joints. The creativity and self expression that dance involves is good for the brain, too, as is the opportunity to socialize with others.

5. Swimming
Swimming is especially good for those with joint problems, because it cushions the whole body. Furthermore, because the water supports a large portion of your weight for you, you are able to keep swimming for longer than you could do most other aerobic exercises, and the longer you keep your heart rate elevated, the better your results.

6. Marching in Place
Marching in place is an easy way to get your heart going when you don’t have a lot of space for exercising. It can also be a good exercise for seniors with balance problems, because you can hold onto the edge of a table or some other steady piece of furniture for balance.

7. Chair Aerobics
Chair aerobics are great for seniors in wheelchairs. These exercises involve rhythmically moving the upper body and arms in various ways, and they can get your heart going enough to help your cardio fitness.

Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean that you have to resign yourself to declining strength and health. There are many kinds of aerobic exercises for seniors. Before you start this or any exercise program, though, consult with your doctor to make sure that you have the fitness level required for the exercises.

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