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Autumn Workouts

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October 4, 2019
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October 23, 2019

When Autumn weather arrives, it’s not just the leaves that change. Your workout routine can also be transformed, thanks to the temperate weather. Forget the sweaty summer jogs and the bone-chilling January walks: Autumn is custom made for outdoor activities. Here are six ways you can enjoy the beauty of the season while giving your workouts a boost to boot.

Raking Leaves

Clearing fallen leaves is one of those chores that doesn’t seem like work. Remember watching the adults do it when you were a kid and begging to help? The deep, autumnal smell of the leaves will please your senses, and you’ll get both your yard and yourself in shape. Depending on your size, raking can burn 200-400 calories in one hour. That means you can afford a pumpkin latte as a reward for a job well done.

Outdoor Yoga

As the holiday season approaches, who couldn’t use some extra stress relief? Haul your yoga mat to the porch or backyard and take advantage of the mild weather by doing your stretches in a natural setting. Gather some friends and have a session in the park. You’ll be amazed how the tension melts away when you do your sun salutations toward the actual sun.

Family Football

Outdoor games among family, friends and neighbors seem to be a lost activity in the bustle of the 21st century, but you can revive it this season. Challenge the family next door or start a tradition among your family members that they will remember forever. Whether you divide the teams by generation or gender, everyone will have so much fun they’ll forget it’s good for their health and heart.

Local Touring

It’s amazing how many of us flock to the attractions and historical sites when we travel, yet have never seen some of the wonders in our own backyards. Now that the summer tourists are gone, it’s the best time to visit the places that have always been on your “mean to” list. Hike a local trail. Visit the monument on top of the mountain. The walking you do in art museums can even sometimes add up to miles before you know it, so you can exercise your body as well as your brain.


If your bike has been gathering dust in the garage, shake it off and hit the bike paths or the park. Pack a healthy lunch to munch when you reach your destination. Fall is the ideal time for bicycle exercise, when you don’t have to worry about heat exhaustion or bundling up for the cold. It’s also the prime season for cycling events, so you can make it a social activity by signing up for a local race or charity ride.


Autumn walks are one way to burn extra calories, but why not take it one step further and strap on the in-line skates? Visit the park or glide down any uncrowded sidewalk to get a glimpse of the Fall foliage while you burn fat and target your thigh muscles. Not only is it a fantastic cardio workout, but you’ll feel like a little girl again with all the fun you’ll have.

The holidays are fast approaching, but you’ll be in super shape before they even arrive. Get out there, enjoy the weather, and make this the Fall for fitness.

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