Holiday Movie Workout Challenge

      HOLIDAY MOVIE WORKOUT CHALLENGE Whether you’re watching a TV original movie, a holiday classic, or the latest animated film, try this challenge to […]

Redbit’s Holiday Gift Guide

For the PDf version, click here   We are ready for the holiday season and we have the perfect gift guide for you! Below is a […]

Redbit’s Guide to Support Braces

Is your job causing you pain? For the month of December all of Redbit’s Braces are 30% off, and we have the perfect one for everyone! […]

Halloween Movie Workout Challenge

Click here for the PDF version

Tips for a Healthier Halloween

The scariest part about Halloween can be the amount of sugar and processed chemicals you ingest between the candy and the drinks involved. Here are a […]

7 Aerobic Exercises for Seniors

Exercising can be a real pain, because age tends to come with joint and back problems, a greater likelihood of injury, and less endurance. Because of […]

15 Tips for Going Back-to-School

Summer is almost over! The cicadas are buzzing, the sunblock is running low, and the children are groaning in anticipation of their return to school. The […]

Reasons To Start Walking More

Most people are aware that they should include regular cardiovascular exercise as part of their workout routine if they want to enjoy good overall health. Aerobic […]

Natural Sunburn Relief

Ah, summer! Sandy beaches, sunbathing, picnics . . . and sunburns. With all the time that we spend outdoors during the hot months, the probability of […]

Mosquito Dangers – More Than Just An Itchy Bite

Summer means more time for outdoor fun, but it also means more opportunities for exposure to mosquitoes. These tiny insects are more than an annoying nuisance. […]


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