Exercise with Kids

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Exercise with Kids

Exercise with Kids

You need to stay active and so do the kids – so why not exercise together? The kids may be reluctant to leave their comfy spot on the couch until they see mom and dad ready to join in the fun. Exercising with kids is a win-win situation since everyone burns calories and has a great time doing it. Here are some ways to exercise with your kids – while spending family time together.

Exercise with Kids: Family Bike Rides

Some cities have greenways and paths that are bicycle friendly. Gather up the kids and bikes and take a long, leisurely ride together. Bring along a thermos and a snack to refuel along the way. Another option is to jog along your child as he rides his bike in the neighborhood. Don’t forget the bike helmet.

Exercise with Kids: Have a Dance Party

Dancing benefits kids and adults alike. Put on some lively music that kids can appreciate and turn the recreation room into a dance floor for twenty or thirty minutes. Dancing burns up to 200 calories in a mere twenty minutes – if it’s done vigorously. There are tons of children’s dance music DVD’s that kids will love – and you may be able to check one out from the library. Make these dance sessions an every day event and watch those extra pounds melt away – all while you’re doing something good for your child.

Family Exercising at the Park: Visit a Health Trail

Find a park in your area that has a health trail. Health trails are jogging trails that have exercise stations at strategic points along the course. Each exercise station challenges you to do a fitness exercise such as jumping jacks, push-ups, or chin-ups. Most exercises can be adapted to people of all ages. Jog along the trail with your child and do the fitness challenges together. Both of you will benefit – and have fun at the same time.

Exercise with Kids: Have a Hula-Hoop Contest

Buy a couple of inexpensive hula-hoops and challenge your child to see who can keep it up the longest. Don’t underestimate this exercise. You can burn six calories a minute hula-hooping – and never feel like you’re exercising.

Family Exercising Fun: Start a Pedometer Challenge

Give everyone in the house a pedometer to wear in the morning. At the end of the day, tally up the number of steps kids and adults took. The person who took the most steps that day gets a special treat or gets out of doing a chore which the loser has to do. Make it a daily event.

Don’t forget that kids need an hour of exercise each day. Make it easier for them by joining in – and you’ll enjoy some of the benefits too.

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