5 Great Pandemic-Safe Fall Adventures

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October 15, 2020
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November 17, 2020

5 Great Pandemic-Safe Fall Adventures

Times are tough now, and many people are feeling the strain of lockdowns and social distancing upending daily life. Even with the coming fall and winter season increasing the potential risk of exposure to the coronavirus, there is positive news. You don’t have to live like a hermit just to keep your family safe. Here are some great, and safe, activities for the entire family to enjoy this year. There are many enjoyable outdoor adventures and holiday celebration ideas to explore. Get creative, get outside, and make this the best year ever.

New Adventures Await

Autumn is an exciting season, rich with the sights, smells, and tastes of the changing season. More traditional fall festivals and big holiday parties are risky now, but that’s no excuse for not getting outdoors and having an adventure. There are opportunities for family fun waiting for you that don’t add to your risk of exposure.

Farms and Fruity Fun

Here’s an adventure that, with a little homework, your kids will remember forever. Do a search online for local farms and orchards that allow visitors. Your local County Extension Office is also a rich source for information. Fall is the best time to visit because it’s harvest season and your family can pick their own apples, berries, and big orange pumpkins.

Kids love seeing farm animals and getting close to nature. Enjoy the tour and make the most of a great opportunity to buy tasty organic produce, fresh eggs, and dairy products. The fruit and pumpkins provide a great opportunity for more fun and healthy family time after you get back home.

Baking and Bonding

Being at home often means everyone is off in their own little corner, glued to a smartphone, TV, or computer gaming system. It’s a good time to break that cycle and have some fun in the kitchen with your kids. Remember that fall is time for fresh fruit, pumpkins, and festive foods. Get your chef hats out and have fun making caramel apples. It’s easy to do and best of all, you can eat them when finished.

Another great idea is teaching your kids to make pies. It is more hands-on and messy, but worth the effort. If pies are not your cup of tea, try something different. Make pizza with the family, with everyone challenged to make the most unusual pie. It has to use ingredients they can eat and is a good excuse to get out in the yard and use the grill to bake them. It is a learning experience and a pizza party all in one.

Hit the Trails

Getting out and exploring nature is a grand adventure for you and your children. Short family hiking trips offer a world of exciting sights, sounds and smells, and positive health and development benefits. Social distancing is easy when hiking, and it might surprise you how many well kept, family-friendly trails are available in a nearby state or national parks.

Pack for the fun, with insect spray, binoculars, and a camera for everyone. Make it an adventure with games like I Spy or a contest to see who takes the best nature photos. Your kids can collect natural treasures like interesting leaves, stones, or pine cones. After the hike, end the adventure with a picnic lunch or ice cream sundaes. You just might discover a new love for outdoor fun and create memories to last a lifetime.

Friday Night Backyard Adventures

Friday nights are adventure time with themed backyard bonfires, cookouts, and sleeping under the stars. This is an opportunity to get everyone involved in the planning, and time to get crazy creative. Have luaus, scary movie nights outdoors, or an impromptu jam session. Your imagination is the only limit.

You can dig a pit and cook some BBQ, eat box fried chicken, or have a different international food and party theme every Friday night. Getting everyone involved makes it more exciting. Stop wasting Friday nights and start the family fun this week. It will break the monotony, get everyone off the couch and outside for food, fun, and family times to remember.

Go RV Exploring

Taking a weekend excursion in the RV or camper is a great fall idea. The weather is cooler and there are lots of great campgrounds in national or state parks a short drive away. Rent a camper or RV instead of going on holiday in hotels. The cost is usually cheaper and you will enjoy hiking, canoeing, and fishing – you could even bring your bikes to explore the park. Just remember social distancing and face masks in busier areas of the park.

There is a world of adventure at hand for your family this fall. Make it a safe time as well by remembering your doctor’s advice to wash your hands frequently, use hand sanitizer when you can’t wash them, and socially distance for safety. Wearing face masks in public areas will help protect your family from COVID-19 this fall on all your adventures.

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