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Make the Most Out of Summer

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Most people have good intentions of staying active outdoors throughout the summer. However, just as many of us fall off our New Year’s Resolution plans, many of us find ourselves approaching the end of summer sooner than we thought. By the time we look up from our beach chairs and beers, August it half way over. Cool weather may already be kicking in some areas, but there is still time for your favorite summer activities.

Below are five activities that will not only get your blood pumping, but will clear your mind as you prepare for the last quarter of the year.

  1. Mountain biking

    Mountain biking is an exciting way to challenge the mind and the body. Navigating around roots, rocks, and turns while enjoying the sights and sounds of the woods is an awesome way to get a solid workout in. This exhilarating form of exercise is sure to push the limits of many muscle groups including quadriceps, calves, upper chest, and arms.

  2. Outdoor gym workout

    Why not take a gym workout outside rather than inside a stuffy, and sometimes smelly, gym? All that is required is a flat surface, preferably a yoga mat for added comfort, optional dumbbells, and a workout plan. Enjoy the fresh air as you soak in the sun and sounds of nature, but don’t forget the sunscreen!

    Can’t seem to get motivated? Ask a few friends to run a course with you, or check out your local community fitness group and see what plans they have coming up.

  3. Kayaking

    If you have access to water and a kayak, kayaking provides a great upper body workout. The arms and abs in particular burn with even a short trip out. Consider renting a kayak before purchasing to ensure the right fit and feel before spending money to invest in one, and always remember to wear a life jacket. When in doubt, take a friend with you, keep each other safe or challenge each other to a race.

  4. Trail running

    While running may not be everyone’s favorite exercise, trail running can win over many naysayers. Rather than running on concrete through streets, trail running provides the soft natural padding of dirt under running shoes, the fresh smells of the woods, and has a way of making time and miles fly by. It can be fun to lose track of time running through winding trails rather than always seeing the road ahead when running on streets. Don’t have the energy to run? Walking works just as well both mentally and physically.

  5. Stand-up paddle boarding

    Stand-up paddle boarding is a fantastic way to enjoy beautiful, warm summer days. Whether getting up for an early morning sunrise paddle, heading out later for a sunset paddle, or anywhere in between, paddle boarding is an awesome way to see sights inaccessible by land while getting a full body workout.

    Positioned in a light squat for balance, the quadriceps get a good toning workout while paddling works the abs and arms. Many people may be intimidated by the thought of balancing on water, so starting on your knees is perfectly acceptable.

It’s not too late to take advantage of the many outdoor activities summer offers, hiking, biking, and outdoor workouts can continue to be fun activities through the fall. Whether you partake in one of these outdoor adventures, or keep your workout on the treadmill, always remember to listen to your body and consult a physician if something doesn’t feel right.

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