Rebound Quicker and Perform Better Longer

The formation of REDBIT® follows several years of research, development and experimentation in the process of incorporating the silicone-based mineral compound tourmaline into fabrics and related materials.

Ken Yeung is the principal founder, entrepreneur and product developer behind REDBIT®. He began with intensive research into the kinesiology of human feet, conceiving different designs and materials for footwear that would be both therapeutic, functionally useful for general wear, as well as aesthetically pleasing. He brought to the project a diversity of experience in working with tourmaline and related silicone-based materials. 

The research and experimentation of tourmaline, led to the development of wearable consumer products known as REDBIT®.  REDBIT offers an assortment of fitness and wellness products, which includes kinesiology pre-cut tapes, support braces, and work-out accessories. REDBIT was designed to be marketed and sold to consumers in the U.S. and international retail markets, generally targeting fitness and wellness applications.