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Free Shipping on Orders Over $75!

Redbit’s Guide to Support Braces

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October 20, 2021
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November 29, 2021

Is your job causing you pain? For the month of December all of Redbit’s Braces are 30% off, and we have the perfect one for everyone!

Redbit’s Decompression Brace is perfect for those who are on their feet all day. Release muscle tension and support your lower back and abdominal muscles with compression and stability.

Can’t stop slouching at your desk? Your posture is more important than you think! The Redbit Back Posture Brace provides upper back support to help relieve back pain with adjustable straps to help prevent hunching and slouching.

Around 20% of the military population complains of experiencing neck pain. Designed with Touri-on technology, the Redbit Neck Support Brace assists in neck and shoulder relief by supporting the head helping to release tension in the muscles.

Driving Professionals often experience calf pain and spasms after a long day of being on the road. The Redbit Lower Leg Support Brace is designed to support both the calf and shin with compression. It helps to stabilize the lower leg muscles, and reduces fatigue.

Contractors are frequently engaging their abdominal muscles, and often experience pain after lifting and carrying items all day. The Redbit Waist Support brace relieves muscle tension around your waist and provides flexible movement.

Farm workers have a 64% chance of experiencing knee pain and inflammation. If you’re out in the fields all day, try the Redbit Knee Support Brace to help reduce swelling and tension in your knee.

If you’re a personal trainer, your risk of bicep tendonitis is higher than most. The Redbit Arm Support Band provides compression and stability to the upper arm, for assisted muscle relief. 

Finally, no matter your job, if you’re constantly on the go the Redbit Waist Bag may be what’s best for you. This easy carry bag goes around your waist and doubles as a muscle relief assistant.

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