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Free Shipping on Orders Over $75!

Redbit’s Holiday Gift Guide

Redbit’s Guide to Support Braces
November 29, 2021
workout challenge
Holiday Movie Workout Challenge
November 30, 2021

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We are ready for the holiday season and we have the perfect gift guide for you! Below is a list of our most loved products, but hurry now, some of them are already selling out!

For the yoga enthusiast:

The Redbit Yoga Mat absorbs moisture helping to prevent hands and feet from slipping. It’s silicone base provides a non-slip and cushioned surface, which makes it easier to practice safely and comfortably. This high quality yoga mat has been so beloved, we only have one color and thickness left! 

Don’t forget to order the Redbit Yoga Mat Carry Bag too! The full zipper design makes it easy to put away your yoga or exercise mat. Made with 100% high-quality mesh and polyester, the yoga mat carrier is durable, lightweight, and sweatproof. The mesh strip allows your mat to air out, and ensure longevity.


For the adventurer:

Whether you or your loved ones enjoy hiking, yoga, or weekend getaways, the Redbit Backpack is ready for it all. This multi-compart­ment backpack is durable, lightweight, and is made with sweat-proof fabric to ensure usability and longevity. The expandable pocket at the bottom creates extra room for items such as yoga mats, and two side pockets provide hands-free carrying of water bottles and extra shoes. 

Stay hydrated on your adventures with the 21 oz Tritan Freezer Gel Bottle. It is leak-proof, and the double-wall freezer gel design provides added insulation to help keep beverages colder for longer. Only blue and red left!


The avid biker:

Know someone who just can’t seem to stay off their stationary bike? Show them some support! All forms of exercising have the potential to cause joint and muscle pain, the Redbit Waist Brace is perfect for wearing during your workout to keep your ab muscles from cramping. *Waist Brace is 30% off for the month of December! 

The Redbit Biking Neck Tape is a pre-cut and ready to apply kinesiology tape that can provide extra support for neck, shoulders, and upper back, so as to assist in the body’s natural pain relief functions.

The Redbit Thigh Pre-cut Tape can assist in relieving muscle tension in the knee and thigh, while potentially reducing swelling too. Perfect for using before, during, and after the workout!


Our top items!

The pandemic saw an increase in muscle pain across all lifestyles. Whether you’re on your feet all day, or sitting at a desk, your calves and back are at risk for muscle tension, and low blood circulation. Due to this, the below items have become a favorite among our customers.

The Redbit Fibularis Muscle Tape is ready to apply, and can provide tension and support to the calf muscle. It can also help to relieve pain, inflammation, and spasms of the calf muscles.

The Redbit Decompression Brace delivers superior decompression and support, with a quick and easily customizable fit. Supports both lower back and abdominal muscles with compression and stability. *The Decompression Brace is 30% off for the month of December!

Know someone with pain all over? Or perhaps they’re crossfit enthusiast? The Redbit Extra Flex Roll can be applied to most areas, and the enlarged hexagons and mild Touri-on concentration make this tape great for larger moves and extra flexibility, all while maintaining its assisted muscle relief use.

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