Age 50-55, Vivien was a contractor engaged mostly in outdoor works. She had a history of pain on her feet.

After she was introduced the products in 2008, she wore an Energy Pad for 24 hrs/day, a Foot Pad for 10 hrs/day, and used a Sitting Pad for about 6 hrs/day. She also wore a Comfort Pad overnight where there was pain or she wore an Energy Brace on her wrist or leg before playing her ball games as this would relieve her pain.

Now, she would wear a Sport Comfort before she played her ball games. Before she used the products, her knee joints made a sound when stressed and she needed resting after walking for an hour. After using the products, she could walk for long hours without pain. She wore a Brace on her ankle even though the pain was on her knee. She believed that there was some energy from the products that harmonized with her body magnetism. If she did not wear the brace, she could tell the difference and afterward she wore it again.


Age 60, Edmond was a merchant. He had a history of myocardial infarction and heel pain. He used to take a pain-killing drug to sooth the pain. But the effect only lasted a few months, and the pain appeared again.

After he was introduced the products in 2007, he wore an Energy Pad on alternate heel for 24 hrs/day, and he didn’t feel the pain any more. The products produced a good effect on him.

He thought the pain could have arisen from the deposition of the metabolic waste on his heels as a result of taking the aspirin which slowed down the blood circulation. After sitting on the Sitting Pad for 10 hours, the blood circulation in his feet was much improved and the pain was gone. He believed that the products generated negative ions which improved his blood circulation. He was not aware of any radiation from the products.


Age 50-55, Gwen was a housewife after she retired from her secretariat work. She had a history of pain in her wrists and back.

She had consulted an acupuncturist, but there was no effect after the treatment. After she was introduced the products in May 2009, she used a Sitting Pad 2-3 hrs a day. She wore a sweater with the PI Energy elements for 8 hrs/day, and she wore an Energy Brace 24 hrs/day.

She also used a Comfort Pad on acupoints where pain was felt and removed the Pad after the pain was gone. She felt the real effects of the products and she believed her blood circulation was improved after wearing the products. Now, she could relieve half of the pain after wearing the Brace and all pain disappeared the second day. She believed the products generate negative ions and some ionizing radiation, but she was not scared by the radiation.

Mr. Wong

Age 50-55, Mr. Wong was an electrical technician. He had a history of aching feet and he could not walk properly without aids.

After he was introduced the products in January 2009, he used a Foot Pad, Sitting Pad and Sleeping Pad since then. He wore a Foot Pad on both his feet everyday for about 12 hours/day and he slept on the sleeping pad for 8 hours each day.

After he wore the Foot Pad, his pain on the foot was either relieved or gone. Mr. Wong believed the products generated negative ions that relieve his pain. He felt the effects were genuine and not psychological. If he simply used the orthotics, the effects were less obvious. But if he used both the sleeping pads and orthotics together, the effects were much better. He had no knowledge of any radiation from the products and the effects of radiation on his body.