Why NOT To Join The Gym In January

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Why NOT To Join The Gym In January

With the excesses of the holidays over, many people’s thoughts turn to healthier living. For the average person, the most obvious way to shed some pounds is to hit the nearest gym. Many gyms offer discounted memberships at this time of year, and it is all too easy for them to lure new members with special offers. However, joining the gym in January is not always such a good idea. Here are three reasons why.

The crowds will put you off

With all those new members signing up, the gym is likely to be a busy place in January. In fact, the number of people at the gym during January may be enough to put you off once and for all. With a queue of people at the reception, no lockers in the changing room and two people for every resistance machine in the gym, you may find that the number of people makes it difficult for you to complete a reasonable workout.

You are just jumping on the bandwagon

With so many people joining the gym in January, it is easy to sign up because everyone else is. When you see the adverts for a discounted membership, it is particularly easy to rush out and sign up even though you have no real idea of what your exercise goals are. This is not a recipe for sustained success and you may find that your interest wanes by the first week of February. You should only join the gym when it is something that you really want to do, rather than something that you feel you should be doing.

You may increase your risk of serious injury

You should not take a new exercise regime lightly. Many people join the gym in January and, in a rush of over-enthusiasm, fall victim to a serious injury. All gyms advise that you should consult your doctor before taking up exercise. In January, this advice seems to go unheard. In a rush of determination to hit the gym as quickly as possible, many people fail to take sensible precautions and end up unable to exercise for months. It is far better to take medical advice, consider the right plan for you and ease into it carefully.

If you are serious about improving your health and getting the body you want, then joining the gym is not a decision to take lightly or rush into. By investing a little time up front, you are much likelier to develop long-term, sustainable exercise goals that fit with your overall health. That beach body you long for will always take time and effort to perfect. A few more weeks to get going will not make that much difference, and could ensure that your aspirations become more than just another failed New Year’s resolution.

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